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How Modern Markets works

    We aggregate investments from you and other individuals.
    Our team curates a portfolio of premier private equity funds.
    Each private equity fund invests in numerous private companies.

Get exposure to premier private equity funds and, through those funds, to high-potential private companies.

Why invest in private equity?

Compare the actual results of having invested $25,000 for the past 20 years.


S&P 500


Private Equity

+ $361,824 with private equity

Diversify your portfolio

Institutional investors and family offices don't rely on the stock market alone. They invest across multiple asset classes, including private equity.

Access a booming asset class

Over the past 20 years, the global private equity industry has grown rapidly, from less than $1 trillion in 2001 to over $6 trillion in 2021.

Private equity performance is based on PitchBook Benchmarks data and is shown net of all fees and expenses. All data is shown as of December 31, 2022.1 Private equity is not an investable index and is used only for illustrative purposes. Past performance is not indicative of future results.2

Global private equity industry data is per McKinsey's 2022 Private Markets Annual Review Report.

What you get

Access to private equity

Private equity’s strong investment returns have attracted many of the world’s wealthiest investors for decades. Now - through Modern Markets - you can get access too.

See for yourself the power of

compounded outperformance

Over the last 20 years, private equity has outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 6 percent annually, net of all fees and expenses.1

Initial investment$25,000
Annual returns10%
Annual outperformance6%

Portfolio in 24 years


Outperformance Portfolio


Baseline Portfolio

Baseline Portfolio

Outperformance Portfolio


Meet the team

Jack Strabo

Jack Strabo


Mark Strabo

Mark Strabo


Our team is led by professionals from The Carlyle Group and TA Associates, two of the world’s leading private equity firms.

We have experience from Morgan Stanley, a global leader in financial services, and hold degrees in economics, finance, politics, and business administration from Princeton and Stanford.

Our achievements

Cardianl Ventures
Completed Cardinal Ventures, an exclusive Stanford-based accelerator program.
Winner of the consumer category of the BASES 100K Challenge, a Stanford-wide startup competition.

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  1. Private equity data is based on the PitchBook Benchmarks North America Private Equity Quarterly Return Index as sourced from the PitchBook North America Benchmarks Report as of Q4 2022. The Quarterly Return Index is calculated as the aggregate percentage change in aggregate NAV for the group of funds in the sample, considering contributions and distributions during the quarter. The PitchBook private equity benchmark includes buyout, growth equity, restructuring/turnaround, and diversified PE funds. It does not include venture capital funds.
    S&P 500 data is based on the S&P 500 Total Return Index as sourced from PitchBook. The S&P 500 Total Return Index takes into account both the capital appreciation and the distributed dividends of the S&P 500 index. The Total Return Index assumes that all dividends are reinvested into the index.
  2. The chart above shows the hypothetical net growth of a $25,000 initial investment in each respective index and assumes in each case that dividends are reinvested.
  3. While we anticipate that liquidity will be offered on a quarterly basis, it will be subject to restrictions and will not be guaranteed.


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